Brauner Safety Services offers top quality roofing safety equipment to keep crews safe and ensure that they are following proper standards on the job.

The Falcon Safety Cart

The Falcon Safety Cart is a mobile fall protection system built with a lightweight frame designed for easy transport between work sites. This system is the only fall protection cart on the market that has a built-in shock pack which reduces fall arrest to 740 lbs. of force, exceeding OSHA standards. The unit utilizes two fall restraint tie-off points and one fall arrest tie-off point. The Cart disassembles for an easy fit into a vehicle.

​OSHA regulations and standards determine when a fall protection system is mandatory. The Falcon Cart should be used as an anchorage device wherever fall protection is required at elevated surfaces on the job site. This product is meant to be used on low sloped or flat surfaces.



The FallBan Roof Perimeter Cableguard System

The FallBan Roof Perimeter Cableguard System provides a safety “guardrail”, (temporary or permanent) around the perimeter of the roof. Three horizontal steel cables are anchored to the roof and attached to vertical steel stanchions spaced at 20 ft intervals (along the area to be protected) and tightened to form railings, protecting anyone on the roof from accidental falls from the roof.

Product Features:

  • Meets OSHA and Canadian SOR requirements
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Increases efficiency and productivity on the roof
  • Usable on many different roof edge types
  • Lighter and stronger than wood frame systems
  • Affordable even on big roof areas
  • Doesn’t interfere with roofing and construction activity
  • Stanchions can be spaced up to 20 feet (6 M Canadian)
  • Temporary or permanent installation (Stainless Steel available for permanent)
  • Allows freedom from harness, ropes and lanyards
  • Projects look professional and organized
  • Keeps workers safe and reduces injuries
  • Increased company profits while being OSHA and SOR compliant.
  • 500, 400, 200, 100 foot kits available​

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Brauner Safety Services offers a full line of roofing safety tools and accessories.  Contact us for more information.

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Guardrail System

There is no time to waste when your team starts working on a roof. As a provider of On Top Safety Equipment, Brauner Safety Services offers a fall prevention guardrail system that has the quickest setup time on the market. With an easy 5-step installation process and few components to assemble, you will be completely OSHA compliant while saving significant time.

Product Features:

  • Meets and Exceeds OSHA Regulations
  • Mounts to Roof Edge
  • Conforms to All Building Sizes
  • Fastest Set Up Time on the Market
  • Eliminates Tangled Ropes
  • 400 Linear Feet of Cable
  • Fits Flat, Overhang and Parapet Roofs