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CERTA Training Certified Roofing Torch Applicator Program + Roofing and Construction Safety Training 



“We have been very pleased with Jim Brauner's services and highly recommend him. He met our schedule and handled the training in a professional manner, and we will definitely use his services again.”

​- Joseph E. Lusa, Owner

  R.F. Lusa & Sons Sheetmetal, Inc.

“To reduce damage and claims from fire damage makes this training a must. I learned some valuable legal information and hands-on techniques that I will be able to teach to others. ” ​ ​

​- Shawn Mallon, Construction Project Manager ​

  Best Roofing Services, Inc.

“I thought this was a great class with good energy and interaction. It was just what I needed to refresh my safety and torch skills. ”

​- Jason Jordan, Production Manager ​
  CORE Roofing Systems

“I think the class was very informative. I realized there are some precautions we are not taking. It was worth the time just to learn the safety aspects of torching. Torch training is a must. ” ​

​- Michael Varie, Project Manager ​
  Best Roofing Services, Inc.


“We at Tip Top Roofing Co., Inc. highly recommend Jim Brauner and CERTA Training. Our employees not only learned much about torching and torch safety, but also thoroughly enjoyed the session.”

​- William H. Nelson, CPRC, Vice President

  Tip Top Roofing Co., Inc.

“We rely on Jim Brauner to provide all of our torch certification training. His years of experience and hands-on approach make his classes informative and engage everyone in the training process. This is the best source for NRCA CERTA training available.”

​- Randy Gibson, President

  Nations Roof of Florida

“We have used Brauner Safety Services for training our employees... Every time has been a great success.  We highly recommend their services to anyone who would benefit.” 

​- Tom Hanley, Safety Director
  Hartford South