From the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) to reputable contractors and professionals, learn how Jim Brauner can make a difference in your safety training strategies and program.


​“Jim Brauner is our choice when it comes to CERTA training of our field employees.  Jim’s approach is highly professional with a strong emphasis on safety. Our personnel come away from his training classes with a thorough understanding of all aspects of torching activities. It is without reservation that we recommend Jim Brauner for your CERTA certification needs.”
Rob Springer, President
 Springer-Peterson Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.

“As the leading Roofing Industry Risk Advisor, it is critical that our roofing clients have access to loss control, fleet management and OSHA compliance training. Brauner Safety is our leading safety and loss control partner. We serve many common roofing professionals with Jim Brauner and his firm. I have personally known Jim for for over 20 years, and he provides a wealth of knowledge to the roofing industry. CERTA training is one of the areas that Jim has made a positive impact on risk mitigation.  Historically torch losses in the roofing industry average nationally a minimum of $1M a month in financial loss. Jim's ability to engage both field staff and operation leaders on torch application techniques clearly delivers a reduced risk and enhanced efficiencies for our roofing clients.”

- Robert P. Foote, President

  Frank H. Furman Insurance, Inc. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Jim Brauner's long tenure in the roofing industry has allowed him to gain the hands on knowledge needed to be a competent CERTA Trainer... He is a professional CERTA Trainer that is capable of keeping the attention of students for the required duration and teaching/training real world situations applicable to the roofing industry. ” ​ ​ ​

- Adam P. Purdy, Owner​

Edwards Roofing Co., Inc.

“I really enjoyed the combination of hands-on and classroom instruction. The trainers showed expertise on the subject and it was definitely worth my time. ”

​​- Bryan Cardona, Safety Director

  Advanced Roofing, Inc.


“Greatest training on safety and torching methods we have ever experienced. Jim was extremely interactive and friendly with our crews and they absolutely loved him. This class will not only certify your guys with knowledge in torch and safety but also motivate them to become better in their craft. I highly recommend this class to anyone in the roofing industry.” 

– Zachary Exposito, President
 Z Roofing & Waterproofing

"Jim's method of training was very informative, and he was able to keep the attention of our crews.  He is a professional speaker and obviously has tremendous knowledge of torch applied roofing systems... Many of my men came to me the following day and stated that they really did get a lot out of the training. Having field personnel recognize the value of the training is outstanding.  I would highly recommend contacting Jim if you are looking for CERTA training.

Frank Ellsworth, Service Manager
  Beck Roofing Corporation

"We recently sent one of our top techs for the CERTA train-the-trainer class that Jim was teaching, and our tech returned to us with a new wealth of knowledge about torch training and safety… As always, Jim took the time to answer his questions and made sure he understood the info. We would recommend Jim Brauner to ANYONE who needs a professional & very competent expert on safety and equipment! "   

​- George Ebersold, General Manager ​
  Tom Tanenbaum, Inc.



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