“Greatest training on safety and torching methods we have ever experienced. Jim was extremely interactive and friendly with our crews and they absolutely loved him. This class will not only certify your guys with knowledge in torch and safety but also motivate them to become better in their craft. I highly recommend this class to anyone in the roofing industry.” – Zachary Exposito, President (Z Roofing  & Waterproofing)

​"Brauner Safety is our leading safety and loss control partner... Since Brauner Safety began providing CERTA training for our clients, their torch losses in our roofing portfolio are zero. Jim’s ability to engage both field staff and operation leaders on torch application techniques clearly delivers a reduced risk and enhanced efficiencies for our roofing clients." - Rob Foote, President (Frank H. Furman Insurance)

Furman Insurance assists tier-one roofing professionals to structure roofing specific insurance & risk management programs with proven strategies, maximize operating income, and achieve a competitive advantage. Our aggressive claims management service empowers clients to attain optimal results, thus enhancing profitability. We create an ease of doing business for clients which enables them to focus on their core revenue generating disciplines.

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Cotney Consulting Group has over 65 years’ experience in solving business problems for roofing contractors. In addition to providing advice regarding payment structures, estimating, business operations, and SOPs, Cotney Consulting Group also provides technical, safety, and workforce training solutions for contractors.

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Success on the job is dependent on training and preparation. At Brauner Safety Services, we offer programs with the latest information and technology so that crews are prepared for any torching or safety challenge.



Jim Brauner possesses 40+ years of experience in the roofing industry; his knowledge in roofing and safety uniquely positions him to understand best practices and requirements for developing successful and safe teams.

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